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The PlowDab Quartz Carb Cap for Rectangle Banger


Product Features:

  • Designed to Work with the PlowDab and other Rectangle Shaped Bangers
  • Dabber Attached
  • Unique Flat Rectangle Carb Cap 

Product Description:

This carb cap is designed to provide a low temp dabbin' solution to the PlowDab Quartz Banger.  Its rectangle shape fits the cup on the PlowDab nice and flush to effectivie vaporize your essential oils.  Especially since this the PlowDab has such a large cup, we highly suggest pairing it up with this carb cap.

Shipping Info:

Who the hell likes to pay extra for shipping?  Nobody.  That's why shipping is free, for you. Everything is shipped First Class Parcel Post and arrives within 2-5 days.