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Q1.  What are the products available on this website used for?

A1.  All of the products we have for sale are for tobacco use only.  Any use with illegal substances is strictly prohibited.  Must be 18 or older to view or purchase anything on this website.


Q2.  I have a question about one of your products and have would like some assistance.

A2.  Email us at to get a response from one of our titanium experts.  We're very quick to respond to your question.  Or you can call us toll free at 1-888-773-0185


Q3.  How long does it take to ship out a product purchased from

A3.  We ship out fast! We ship out same day or next day at the latest.


Q4.  I've never purchased or heard of, how can I trust you with my purchase.

A4.  420Titanium started off as an ebay store.  We work very hard, and still do, to maintain our 100% feedback rating.  We're also not some random dude operating from his garage. is run by the manager of a small family owned business that's been around in the Buffalo area for over 100 years.  We know a thing or two about customer satisfaction and we guarantee you'll recommend us to all your fellow 710 fans.


Q5.  I see that you sell nails on your website, Amazon, and Ebay.  Which one should I buy through?

A5.  If you want the best price on your titanium, order through our website.  We also have a larger selection on our website.


Q6.  The product I ordered hasn't been delivered yet, and it's been more than a week.

Q6.  We're very good at what we do, and rarely screw up.  Please email us at, and we'll look into the matter for you.  If we're ever at fault, we'll always hook a brother up with some free goods.


Q7.  How do I apply a Promo Code?

A7.  Once you go to checkout, there will be an option to enter in your discount code.

Q8.  How do I find a Promo Code?

A8.  Follow us on Instagram or Twitter and you'll be sure to find some awesome deals.