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About Us

How it All Started:

420Titanium was founded by Mike S. in 2013.  Mike was the manager of a smokeshop in Buffalo, New York and was tired of receiving flyers in the mail from distributors promoting cheap imported titanium nails.  After doing some research, Mike realized these nails weren't in fact "titanium" but mixes of titanium and other metals that can give off toxic fumes that are terrible for your health when inhaled.  Mike obviously didn't want his headshop selling these nails so he searched the web for established companies that were making titanium nails the right way.  After talking to companies such as Silika, Santa Cruz Shredder, Cosmic, and Dab Essentials, Mike was able to build up inventory of titanium nails from various American companies.   Not only did he want these nails sold in his store, but also be available to everyone on the planet via the internet.  Thus was born and became the world's first website dedicated to titanium nails.  After having great success along with a dedicated fan base, 420Titanium has been able to grow and become the world's largest retailer of titanium nails and accessories.  


Our Mission:

420Titanium's mission is to be the best place on the planet to find, research, and buy a high quality titanium nail from established American companies.  We have the largest selection of nails, a price match guarantee, and excellent customer service that will answer your questions promptly.