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Bang for Your Buck Complete E-Nail Package


 BOSS - Micro E-Nail Features:

  • Comes Complete w/ BOSS Micro E-Nail Unit, Flat Coil, Power Cord, and Elite-Ti Hybrid Nail
  • Less than One Inch Thick E-Nail with Full Digital Display
  • Black Brushed Aluminum Top w/ Champagne Aluminum Side Trim
  • Elite-Ti can be used with Torch or Flat E-Nail Coil
  • Free Priority 2-3 Day Shipping

Product Description:

After visiting many Headshops across the U.S. we've always wondered who'd want to spend over $500 on a basic E-Nail setup.  So that's why we've put together our favorite insert with our favorite E-Nail for one awesome "Bang for Your Buck" E-Nail package that'll rival any deal you'd find in a headshop for a fraction of the price. 

Our "Bang for Your Buck Complete E-Nail Package" is exactly what its name is.  The BOSS Micro E-Nail is everything you want in an E-Nail.  It's super slim, aesthetic, reliable, and a step outside from the basic black bulky units you see on the market.  Also, it's favored by many for being the best E-Nail on the market under $200.  Our personal BOSS Micro has been working flawlessly for the past eight months.

The Elite-Ti Hybrid Quartz / Titanium Nail has become one of the most popular hybrid nails on our website.  Similar name brand nails goes for $150, but the Elite-Ti is about 4 times cheaper.  It pairs up flawlessly with flat coil on a BOSS Micro E-Nail.  With this "Bang for Your Buck" E-Nail package you're getting one of the most innnovative E-Nail setups at an insane price.