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BOSS Titanium - Mul-Ti Anodized Carb Cap


Product Features:

  • Two Piece Construction w/ Attached Shovel Scooper Dabber
  • Fits most 10/14/18mm Domeless Nails and Quartz Bangers
  • Available in Gold or Tie-Dye
  • Grade 2 Titanium
  • 3 Different Dabber Positions Available
  • Updated 1 Port Hole Design
  • Free Shipping

Product Description:

BOSS Titanium believes that their new Mul-Ti Carb Cap is the last carb cap you'll ever need to own.  It's specifically designed to work perfectly with a variety of titanium, quartz, and ceramic domeless nails.  It's also meant to great with quartz bangers too.  It's call the Mul-Ti because the dabber can be screwed into 3 separate places on the carb cap in order to work efficiently with the style of nail you're using.  This is truly an awesome carb cap that will become a daily workhorse that'll last you a lifetime.