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Pulse Glass - Gridded Tongue Bent Neck

Pulse Glass


  • Height: 7"
  • Base: 3"
  • Joint Sz: 14mm Direct Inject
  • Barrel Dome Included
  • Tube Diameters: 50mm
  • Pulse Logo made from Platinum
  • Glass Dabber Holder 
  • Gridded Tongue Perc
  • Product Name: PG1403


If you want to test out Pulse Glass' tongue perc in a small package, this is the perfect rig for you.  The base trim, tongue perc, and mouthpiece comes in the rare red elvis color.  The tongue perc is a favorite because of it's smooth air flow and diffusion.  The perc stacks water high, but won't end up in your mouth because of the mouthpiece's design.  The convenient glass dabber holder is a nice touch too.  

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Collections: Oil Rigs, Pulse Glass

Type: Oil Rig