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Pulse Glass - Mini Oil Spill - 1 of 12 Produced

Pulse Glass


  • Height: 8"
  • Base: 3"
  • 2017 Design
  • Joint Sz: 10mm Female
  • Comes with 10mm Banger from Pulse Glass
  • Barrel Drum Perc
  • Free Priority Shipping 


The first new rig by Pulse Glass in 2017 is this awesome heady mini piece with gas nozzle.  Inside the triangular beaker style base is their popular barrel drum perc that has exceptional function.  The gas nozzle comes in a apricot color and features brown/blueish gas drops along the side.  For being a small piece, it feel nice and sturdy on the table due to its ample base.  

What makes this rig extra special is that it's limited to just 12 pieces.  The pics you see is exactly the same piece you'll receive.




Collections: Most Popular, Oil Rigs, Pulse Glass

Type: Oil Rig