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Santa Cruz Shredder - Create Your Own OMNI Nail Combination

Santa Cruz Shredder

One of the best aspects of owning an OMNI nail is knowing that most of the parts are interchangeable making it easy to replace parts or upgrade down the road.  We made this "Create Your Own OMNI Nail Combination" as an easy way to purchase exactly what you want.  If you want the 10/14mm body with a regular titanium dish, XL titanium dish, and an OMNI Q quartz dish, you may do so without having to buy a body for each dish.  Or lets say you want just one OMNI Q quartz dish with both a male and female base, you can easily do that here.  This allows you to pay for exactly what you want without ending up with extra dishes or bases.

To purchase your ideal OMNI nail setup, simply click on each part you'd like individually below and add each part to your cart one at a time.

One Thing to Note: When purchasing a 14/18mm Male Base or 14/18mm Female Base, you'll also want to add the "Low-Pro RT Body" to your cart too.  This part is necessary because it's the part that attaches your dish to your base. However, with the 10/14mm Female Base, you do not need to order the Low-Pro RT Body to your cart because the dish screws directly into the 10/14mm Female Base.