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Santa Cruz Shredder - Omni Domeless Titanium E-Nail Insert

Santa Cruz Shredder

Product Features:

  • 20mm OMNI Head 
  • Three Piece Design
  • Manufactured in Santa Cruz, California from Grade 2 Titanium
  • Fits 14mm and 18mm Joints - Available with Male or Female Skirt
  • Free Shipping

Product Description:

The brand new Santa Cruz Shredder OMNI Insert is ready to become your E-Nail's new best friend.  We've been anxiously waiting for the release of this badass nail for quite sometime - and now that it's finally here, it's totally worth the wait. To have an OMNI insert paired up with an E-Nail truly takes your setup to the next level. 

The entire OMNI lineup features the same iconic cup that has won over a ton of cannassuers over the years.  The cup features six diffusion holes which ensures excellent air flow and vaporization of your essential oil.  It's cup has a very large surface area to handle extremely large slabs.  With the durability of titanium, expect the new OMNI Insert to become your new workhorse that'll last you years.  


The S.C.S OMNI Insert is only available to work with 20mm coil sizes for the time being.  It's available with Male or Female versions.  We also offer you the option to purchase the head only incase you already own an skirt from their OMNI Low-Pro.


Shipping Info:

Who the hell likes to pay extra for shipping?  Nobody.  That's why shipping is free, for you. Everything is shipped First Class Parcel Post and arrives within 2-5 days.  All titanium products are shipped in discrete padded envelopes.