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Santa Cruz Shredder - OMNI Q - Full Quartz - 14mm Male

Santa Cruz Shredder


  • Fully Machined Solid One Piece Quartz Nail
  • Manufactured & Sourced from California, USA
  • Fits 14mm Female Joints
  • 100% Fuzed Quartz
  • 99.9% Pure G.E. Semiconductor Grade Quartz
  • Virtually Zero Coefficient of Expansion
  • Very Resistant to any High Thermal Shock
  • 4mm Thick Secondary Vaping Floor
  • Iconic OMNI Design Made into Quartz
  • Specially Designed to not Puddle on Large Low-Temps of Essential Oil
  • Free Shipping


This nail is one for the record books.  It's the first fully quartz nail ever made by Santa Cruz Shredder.  S.C.S has gained a very loyal following for its innovative OMNI cup design.

This fully quartz male nail fits all 14mm female rigs.  The fully clear and polished quartz nail is truly something magnificent.  It's the same style cup that's featured on all of the OMNI nails except that it's an XL size.  The dish on this nail comes in at a massive 25mm in diameter.

If you want the best fully quartz torch nail on the market today, then look no further than this nail.  It's the definition of top-of-the-line.  It's massive, holds heat better than the rest, and looks more impressive than any banger on the market.  



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