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Santa Cruz Shredder - OmniQ Low-Pro RT 14/18mm Female - Quartz / Titanium Hybrid Nail

Santa Cruz Shredder


  • Three Piece Design
  • High Quality Grade 2 Titanium
  • Manufactured in Santa Cruz, California
  • Fits 14/18mm Male Direct Inject Joints
  • 99.9% Pure G.E. Semiconductor Grade Quartz
  • Free Shipping


The S.C.S OmniQ has easily been one of the most anticipated nail releases in quite some time. Since 2013, Santa Cruz Shredder's OMNI nails have always been regarded as one of the best nails on the planet.  However, they just set the bar very high with the release of their very first quartz / titanium  nail.

The new OmniQ has a thick quartz dish that features the same exact OMNI pattern that has won of a large portion of the 710 community.  The dish is made out of 100% fused quartz and tests has shown that the expansion rate is extremely minimal (less the better).  The OmniQ dish is a lot thicker than all of the other hybrid nails we have, and S.C.S claims that this nail has the best heat retention of any glass nail on the market today.

 If you want the absolute best, then you're going to need the brand new S.C.S OmniQ in your life.  

**Replacement Dishes Available**


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