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Santa Cruz Shredder x Hive - OMNI RT Domeless Ceramic Nail

Santa Cruz Shredder


  • Two Piece Ceramic Design
  • Manufactured by Hive Ceramics
  • Hive + S.C.S. Logo on the Base
  • Fits 10mm/14mm Male Joints
  • Massive Cup with Excellent Heat Retention
  • Replacement Tops Available
  • Free Shipping


We've always tossed around the idea of carrying ceramic nails on our site.  But as soon as we got word that one of our favorite titanium nails was getting a ceramic makeover, we were totally on board.  

Santa Cruz Shredder, known for their OMNI Titanium nails teamed up with Hive Ceramics to come up with a ceramic version of their very popular OMNI RT.  Hive Ceramics is regarded as the top ceramic nail manufacturer because of their nails durability and clean pure taste.  If you love ceramic nails and the innovative OMNI cup design, then this is an absolute match made in heaven.

This nail is almost exactly the same as its titanium variant.  The RT is a shorter profile than other OMNI nails, but still features the same oversized cup as the original OMNI that is known for handling masssive slabs.  It fits 10mm + 14mm male joints and brings a completely new 710 experience to micro rigs.  We love the removable top on this nail which makes for easy cleaning and replacement down the road.  The new S.C.S. x HIVE ceramic OMNI nail is easily one of the best new ceramic nails to hit the market.


Who the hell likes to pay extra for shipping?  Nobody.  That's why shipping is free, for you. Everything is shipped First Class Parcel Post and arrives within 2-5 days.  All titanium products are shipped in discrete padded envelopes.