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The PlowDab - Rectangle Quartz Banger


Product Features:

  • 100% Quartz
  • Available in 14mm Male or Female
  • Rectangle Style Banger Cup

Product Description:

The PlowDab has won over a lot of dabbers because of it's unique cup design.  The barrel style cup nicknamed the "PlowDab" has a lot more space that your average quartz banger.  If you're a fan of throwing down some serious slabs of essential oil, the PlowDab might be your best bet.  We like the shape of this banger and have found it works well on both 45 and 90 degree joints.  Warning: Once you fall in love with the PlowDab, it can be a little tough going back to regular style bangers.

 Carb Cap Suggestion:

Due to the unique rectangle shape of this nail's cup, not all carb caps will pair up perfectly with this banger.  If you want to pair it up with a carb cap, we highly suggest looking into the PlowDab Rectangle Quartz Carb Cap for achieving a good seal around cup of this quartz banger.

Shipping Info:

Who the hell likes to pay extra for shipping?  Nobody.  That's why shipping is free, for you. Everything is shipped First Class Parcel Post and arrives within 2-5 days.