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Titen - Duo 14/18mm Dome Titanium Nail


Product Features:

  • 5 Piece Titanium Nail
  • High Quality Grade 2 Titanium
  • Fits 14mm and 18mm Male Joints
  • Free Shipping

Product Description:

The Titen Duo Nail is an excellent budget dome titanium nail.  It comes with 14mm and 18mm size fins so it can fit both size joints.  If you're looking for an inexpensive non-Chinese dome nail, this is the perfect nail for you.

Shipping Info:

Who the hell likes to pay extra for shipping?  Nobody.  That's why shipping is free, for you. Everything is shipped First Class Parcel Post and arrives within 2-5 days.  All titanium products are shipped in discrete padded envelopes.