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BOSS Titanium Insert: Our Favorite Budget Friendly Dab Nail for E-Nails.

by Titanium Mike May 20, 2017

Picking out an Insert for your E-Nail is a big decision.  

The fact of the matter is, there's really not too much difference between $100 E-Nail or a $500 E-Nail.  That's why we're big advocates of the BOSS Micro E-Nail because it's reliable, sleek, and easy on the wallet.  However, BOSS Titanium also makes a titanium insert that we're big fans of.  Let's take a look:

20mm insert boss titanium e-nail best

When choosing an insert (another name for your E-Nail's nail) you can choose between quartz or titanium compositions.  People have their preferences, but when it comes to an insert, we love titanium.  Titanium is a lot more durable and can handle the stress of leaving your E-Nail on for hours at a time better than quartz.

As far as titanium inserts go, we've always been a big fan of BOSS' titanium insert.  It's a versatile nail because it fits all three joint sizes (10mm, 14mm, 18mm) so you can seamlessly hook your E-Nail up to any of your rigs.  It has good size, and 7 heat sinks to limit heat transfer from the coil to your rig.  But what we really love about this nail is its MASSIVE cup:

Best E-Nail insert

Especially on the 20mm version, the cup is very large.  Its unique design allows for an ideal and even heat dispersion throughout the cup.  It handles low temp dabs too like a champ when paired up with the BOSS Mul-Ti Carb Cap.

Bottom Line:  We sell a variety of titanium inserts.  Some that go up to $180 for just the insert.  The BOSS Titanium Insert is just $44.95 which we think is a steal for a nail that performs like this.  Does it work just as good as the $180 nail?  Maybe.... Maybe not.  We'll leave that up for you to decide.  It's available in 16mm and 20mm coil sizes and comes in either Male or Female Joints.  

Here's a link for more info or to Purchase.

Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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