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These Pulse Glass x Scratch Glass Collabs are Too Clean!

by Titanium Mike February 17, 2017

Pulse Glass is off to a hot start

We're always on the hunt to get in the nicest pieces Pulse Glass has to offer.  For 2017, the just came out with an extremely limited amount of pieces they've collabed with Scratch Glass.  If you're not familiar with Scratch Glass' work, you're going to want to check 'em out.

Pulse Glass 2017 Rig Collab Custom Scratch Glass


Scratch Glass does some sandblast work, but what really separates them apart is that they actually etch special designs right into the glass.  If you rub your finger over the patterns, you'll actually feel the carved glass.  Only a handful of pieces were collabed with Scratch Glass.  We even got our hands on two 1 of a kind Boss's.  Check out this video below:

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Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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