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Meet Pulse Glass' Newest Rig: The Dab-Droid!

by Titanium Mike March 25, 2016

Pulse Glass BB-8 Dab Droid

Pulse Glass is off to a hot start this 2016 with the release of a Star Wars BB-8 inspired rig called the Dab-Droid!

To Purchase the Dab Droid or To See More Pics - Click Here

Like a lot of Pulse Glass' pieces, the Dab-Droid is a limited edition piece.  The opaque white color contrasts nicely with the orange trim and platinum logos.  The piece has awesome Cali inspired logos too.

Dab Droid Pulse Glass

Despite the cylindrical shape, the rig won't tip over easily thanks to it's unique joint that doubles as a base. It also features one of our favorite percs by Pulse Glass: the Barrel Drum. You can't see the perc it, but trust us, you'll love that function.

Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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