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2014 Champs Show in Las Vegas

by Titanium Mike January 26, 2014

Just got back from our first successful CHAMPS show in Las Vegas where we got to see the latest and greatest products offerings by some of the biggest names in the industry.  Here's some of the highlights from our trip:

Smart-Dabb Electronic Dabbing Nail:

Smart-Dabb had by far the most impressive Enail that we say during our time in Vegas.  They're a newer company that has a large line of Enails without having outrageous price tags seen on other Enail brands.  Smart-Dabb's electronic nail setups are extremely well built and made to last.  Sales Rep Josh told us how they have an Enail at their shop that's turned on for weeks straight at 900 degrees that never malfunctions.  We've seen some Enails in the past that are jerry-rigged with thin wires that eventually break down.  The Smart-Dabb Enails are the exact opposite of that because all of their units have been meticulously tested and are built from high quality components.  Expect to see Smart-Dabb products on 420Titanium in the very near future.


Ti Ten Titanium:

Ti Ten is a brand new Titanium manufacturer that puts out well designed nails that are very inexpensive.  Not only do they get the check mark for making their nails out of Grade 2 titanium, but they also get the check mark for having excellent joint size versatility.  Most of their nails fit multiple mm sizes along with fitting both the male and female joints.  Simply put, this company knows exactly what the consumer wants. To see a demo video of their nails, look on our Instagram. Be sure to check back to see all their products on 420Titanium.


Pulse Glass:



Congrats to 420Titanium crew member Mike for winning Pulse's waterpipe raffle.  This is their limited edition Heavy Hitter Brain Beaker w/ Barrel Downstem.  Pulse Glass' stand was killing it during the Champs show.  Easily one of the busiest vendors this year.  The best part of the raffle was when Pulse Glass Rep, Rene, showed off the durability of their waterpipes by holding one of their tubes like a baseball bat and smacking it very hard against the table. The tube took the hit like a champ and didn't shatter, crack, or ding .  Just goes to show how confident they are about their product because it would've been pretty bad if the tube shattered in front of everyone.  Pulse is definitely an emerging force in the waterpipe industry.  Love the stuff this company puts out.





To wrap things up, here's a pic of Gabrielle Morrison reppin' out 420Titanium



Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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