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Titen Titanium Nails - Available Now!

by Titanium Mike February 12, 2014

Titen Titanium 

        TIten Titanium:  We scouted out this company at the 2014 CHAMPS Show in Las Vegas.  They are a BRAND new company to the ti industry and they put out some pretty dope stuff.  All of their designs are created and tested at their headquarters in Los Angeles, and manufacture their nails in Russia in order to keep costs low and to keep up with high demand.  All of their nails, dabbers, and carb caps are made from high quality grade 2 titanium. Meet some of their products: 


Titen Nano (left)  and Titen Diablo (Right)

        The Titen Nano fits 10mm joints and their Diablo fits 14mm and 18mm joints.  These nails are similar in design to the Highly Educated Dualiti.  If you're looking to spend under $50 dollars on a domeless titanium nail, then you can't beat the Titen Nano or the Titen Diablo.  Each nail has their own optional carb cap that work perfectly with their domeless'.  Even though the Diablo is brand new to our website, it quickly became one of our most popular nails on the site.


Titen Max: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm


        The Max is Titen's version of a dome titanium nail.  This style of dome nail has become a very popular design since it first came out in 2013.  The Titen Max comes in 3 different sizes: 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm so there's one to fit all size rigs.  If you're looking for a very inexpensive dome nail, or a nice spare nail, the Max is a solid choice.


Titen Crown Carb Cap w/ Dabber

        Kill two birds with one stone by getting a carb cap on one end and a dabber on the other.  Carb Caps have become a wildly popular accessory for domeless nails.  Carb caps allow you to vape at lower temps and also ensure you get the most out of your hit.  The Titen Crown Cap features one port hole which is ideal for caps.  They come in two sizes: 10mm and 14mm/18mm.

Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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