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Cheap Carb Caps to Fit 10mm, 14mm and 18mm Domeless Nails - We Got 'Em!

by Titanium Mike March 05, 2014

So you dished out a nice chunk of change on a domeless nail and you want to pair it up with a carb cap without breaking the bank?  Then the Titen Crown Carb Cap w/ Dabber for $34.95 shipped is your best option. It is a tradition Carb Cap design made from grade 2 titanium designed to fit many styles of domeless nails including the Highly Educated Dualiti and Infiniti, Titen Diablo and Quattro, and many more.  Both Carb Caps feature a one port hole cap.  The 14mm/18mm version has a flat head dabber and the 10mm has a ballpoint dabber.  

(Left: 10mm Titen Crown Carb Cap --- Center: 14mm/18mm Titen Crown Cap)


Buy the Titen Crown 14mm/18mm Carb Cap **Here**

Or the 10mm Version **Here**


Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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