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Silika Side Arm Version 2: A True Game Changer in the Ti Industry

by Titanium Mike April 07, 2014

Gotta Give Props to Silika for Engineering their Brand New Silika Side Arm Version 2.


Why is This Nail so Special?

The unique "Side Arm" style not only looks cool, but the design serves a purpose too. Silika engineered this nail to limit the heat to the base of the nail that is in direct contact with your glass joints.  This drastically decreases the chances of getting stuck or cracking joints.  The male version(shown above) is especially popular because most joint issues occur with male domeless titanium nails.

Updated Bucket Style Cup

So you're a fan of dunking?  Well this nail is made for that.  Actually, setup a backboard and shoot 3's from downtown in their new bucket cup.  There really isn't any other nail on the market with this style of cup, simply because the "Side Arm" is the only nail that can get away with having a cup like this one.  The bucket cup is brand new to 2014, but we've heard nothing but positive things about it so far.


For more photos, information, pricing, or to purchase the Silika Side Arm Version 2:

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Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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