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Guide to Buying Titanium Nails at Headshops

by Titanium Mike April 18, 2014

We understand that some customers like to support their local headshop, so here's a guide to ensure you're not getting ripped off by buying a sketchy nail.


Don't Buy a Nail that Will Look Like This


Ask the Clerk What Brand it is or Where it is Manufactured

If the nail doesn't have a logo or engraving, and the employee doesn't know what brand it is, then it is most likely a Chinese titanium nail.  Even though there are some legitimate titanium manufacturers in China, there are a bunch that are making nails out of recycled or low grade ti, or even worse, mixing ti with other metals and stamping "Grade 2 MFG USA" on it.  If the price seems too good to be true, then it most likely is. Some of these imported nails can be harmful to your health and will break down in a matter of months.


Bring a Magnet

Titanium is not magnetic.  If the nail at the headshop is magnetic then that's proof it is composed of other metals instead of pure titanium.  STAY AWAY from these! Be sure to move the magnet all over the nail, too.  However if the nail passes the magnet test, it does not guarantee that it is made up of quality grade 2 titanium.  


Picking out the Right Brand

All the brands we carry, Silika, Ti Power, Titen, Cosmic, Dab Essentials, Santa Cruz Shredder, and Smart-Dabb are all brands that get a big thumbs up from us. Another company that gets the pass from us is Highly Educated.  All these companies listed are the big guns in the Ti world and haven't had any issues in the past with making nails out of low grade titanium.  New ti companies are rolling out all the time, so there may be a few more out there that we might not know about yet that are ethical manufacturers.


Buying the Right Size

Obviously you want to buy a nail that correctly fits your rig, but it may be smart to look into ones that fit multiple joint sizes.  Some of the newer ones fit 10mm/14mm or 14mm/18mm joints.  Also, some nails fit both male and female joints such as the Silika Rook, Santa Cruz Shredder Omni, Titen Quattro, and Titen Sidekick.  You're tinail will typically outlast your rig, so it's smart to invest in a dual joint size nail that will also fit your future rig.


Carb Cap Compatibility

Since they've come onto the scene towards the end of last year, carb caps have proven to be a necessary accessory with your domeless.  It would be a smart decision to purchase a nail that you know will work with a carb cap. The Ti Power Ti Rant fits just about every nail, and the Titen Crown Cap fits most 14/18mm nails.


How Much You Should Spend

This part can be a little tricky.  We don't suggest spending more than $40 dollars on a nail that isn't a brand name since you can find ones from reputable companies for a similar price on our site.  As far as price floors go, anything that seems too cheap should raise a red flag. Also, the prices you see online for titanium should be around same price you see in headshops.  Don't get ripped off.  And remember, ti is going to last you a long time so if you can, splurge on a good nail if you can.


Be Safe & Happy Dabbin'

Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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