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Santa Cruz Shredder 10/14mm Omni: Most Anticipated Titanium Nail of the Year?

by Titanium Mike July 09, 2014



Santa Cruz Shredder, notably known for manufacturing some of the best grinders in the world is making a splash in the titanium nail game.

(Santa Cruz Shredder 10mm Omni's surrounded by the 14/18mm Omni)

S.C.S. came out with their first Omni nail that fit 14/18mm joints towards the end of last year, and the 10mm Mini earlier this year.   All of their nails (even the 10mm) can handle some of the biggest of slabs like a champ.  Now, they've came out with a domeless nail that fits 10mm and 14mm joints. If you haven't seen this nail yet, you need to check it out.  It's easily the most anticipated ti nail of the year, and may go down as one of the best nail of 2014.  

(Omni 10/14mm)

One of the best features that separates the Omni from other titanium on the market is it's innovative cup designed by Proto Joe. The cup's wall is very thick allowing it to retain heat extremely well allowing you to dab consecutively without reaching for the torch again.  As soon as the essential oil vaporizes, the vapor gets dispersed throughout the 6 diffuser holes, then sucked down the adjustable titanium rod and into your rig.  Major props to S.C.S. for making a 10/14mm domeless that looks sick and has the ability to take massive slabs. 

Check out this vid of the Omni in action by PotlandTree Blazer



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Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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