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Pulse Glass: True Game Changers in the Glass Industry

by Titanium Mike August 04, 2014

Pulse Glass is unlike other glass companies.  They started blowing glass in 2012, and focused on making highly functioning scientific glass that's still aesthetic to the eye.  With High Times 1st place awards in both "Best Glass" and "Best Glass", and Kush Cup's 1st place awards in both "Best Tube" and "Best Bubbler", it's clear that Pulse Glass is an up and coming force within the glass pipe industry.

What's so Special about Pulse Glass?

  • Platinum Logo's-  Pulse Glass doesn't take any shortcuts when blowing glass.  Each one of their products are stamped with their logo from one of the world's rarest metals, real Platinum. It'll never chip or fade and it makes your piece look that much more special.
  • 5mm Thick German Schott Glass- When we at the CHAMPS trade show earlier this year, one of the Reps from Pulse Glass showed how durable their rigs are by smacking one (pretty hard) on the corner of a wooden table.  Most other tubes would have shattered, but the Pulse Glass rig absorbed the hit with ease.  One of the most impressive things we saw all week.
  • Amazing Perculators- Whether you go with their Gridded Tongue, Double Showerhead or Barrel Perc, you'll enjoy maximum diffusion to create for an extremely smooth and unrivaled smoking experience. 

Rigs Under the Spotlight:


 (From Left to Right: Double to Double, Barrel Drum Micro Tube, Barrel Stemline)


To See the Entire Pulse Line - Click Here





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Pulse Glass: True Game Changers in the Glass Industry

Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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