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Best New Titanium Nails Made in the U.S.

by Titanium Mike September 22, 2014


Best New Titanium Nails Made in the U.S.

We're approaching the end of 2014, so let's shine a light on the best and most popular American made titanium nails that have come out this year.

Silika Side Arm: Starting at $100

Quick Overview: We gotta give props to Silika for being the first company to come out with the unique "side" style design.  Not only does it look sick, but it protects the glass joint on your rig by limiting heat transfer throughout the nail.  The bucket style cup (shown above) featured on the V2 has been a fan favorite that can handle slabs with ease.

  • Verified Review: Linda Y- Love the side arm style, it makes sure the metal doesn't expand around your receiving joint. Once its naturally seasoned you get some great tasting.

Santa Cruz Shredder Omni Nail: Starting at $90

Quick Overview: Even though Santa Cruz Shredder's claim to fame is their grinders, they definitely have become a force within the titanium nail industry since releasing their first domeless called the Omni.  The Omni comes in three different sizes: 14/18mm, 10mm, and 10/14mm.  The nail's innovative cup designed by Proto_Joe holds heat exceptionally well and is large enough to "dunk" with ease (even on the 10mm which is best in it's class).  Check out this awesome vid to see the Omni in action.

  • Verified Review: Collin B- This nail is a game changer. Hands down best design out of any other titanium nail I've seen. I was also super excited to see it was the right grade of titanium and it hits awsome. Did I mention it fits in any of my pieces. Best nail in the game!

TrillTech Elite: Starting at $105

Quick Overview:  The TrillTech Elite is a true 4in1 nail that fits 14mm/18mm male or female joints.  They're best known for its full length titanium downstem that keeps your rig clean and drastically reduces "stickyness" that builds up over time.  It also comes with a BHOmb Cap that screws on top of the traditional style cup to give you more surface area to slab on.  This is the best nail TrillTech has come out with to date.

  • Verified Review: Omar- this nail is wicked! i can't believe the quality and threading! the bomb cap is pretty wild, being that you can decide on optimal airflow according to your piece. Obviously how it can fit on damn near any piece on the market makes it pretty next level! thank you 420 for such a great piece, hope trill tech gets an emblem!

New-Vape lvl 3: Starting at $95

Quick Overview:  New-Vape is a newer company out of Florida who has come out with original designs at an impressive price.  Their lvl 3 domeless holds heat very well inside of it's thick cup.  As soon as you put your essential oil onto the hot nail, vapor gets sucked through the impressive 12 hole cup.  The flow on this piece of ti is truly something else.  It comes in two different styles: 14/18mm Male and 14/18mm Female.

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Titanium Mike
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