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Replacement Titanium Nails for E-Nails

by Titanium Mike October 28, 2014

Got an Electronic Titanium Nail?  Upgrade it with an Awesome Replacement Ti Nail

Whether you built your own E-Nail, or own a name brand electric titanium nail, there's always room for improvement.  Recently we've seen Highly Educated, Santa Cruz Shredder, and New-Vape come out with their own version's of nails to coil heaters for E-nail setups.  Simply put, getting one of these replacements is like upgrading your car's engine from a small 2.0L to a high performance V12.  
Right now, we have many  replacement titanium nails to fit 16mm coils and flat coils that can be seen here.  If you plan on building your own DIY E-Nail, DO NOT skimp out and buy a cheap imported nail.  All of the replacement ti for electric setups are all made in the U.S. from American sourced titanium.  There's a big difference in taste, quality, and long term usage when you get a high quality name brand replacement nail.


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Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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