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Inexpensive Enails - Fresh in Stock!

by Titanium Mike November 12, 2014

So it seems like everybody and their grandma wants to get their hands on an electric titanium nail.  Why are they so popular?

  1. Ditch the Torch.  No more reaching for the torch constantly, and no more worrying about running out of costly butane.
  2. Even Temps.  Experiment with different temperatures.  Find out what temp works best for you and produces the tastiest product.
  3. No More Waste.  How much essential oil have you wasted because your nail wasn't hot enough.  Not going to happen with an E-Nail.
  4. Convenience. Set it and forget it.  It really couldn't any more hassle free.

So what's holding everyone back from making the plunge?

A lot of them are really expensive.  When they first came out a couple years ago, we saw a few that retailed for over $1k.  That's a steep price for even the biggest enthusiasts.  However, over the past year we've seen E-nails drop in price....... a lot.  Now you can get digital versions for around $250 bucks!  That's cheap for a name brand E-nail.

Is now the time to buy one?

It's hard to believe that we'll see even more price drops than we already have.  Even at $250, it's an investment, but these newer units are a lot slimmer and more reliable than the ones that cost over $1k.  Some companies offer a good warranties, so you know you're in good hands.  If you're trying to get ideas on your future electric titanium nail, check out our selection here.

Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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