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Quartz Bangers - Now Available at!

by Titanium Mike June 27, 2015

Quartz Bangers have boomed in popularity in recent months, and we're pleased to announce they're available on is always on the prowl for innovative and unique products that are popular within the dabbin' community.  After two years of selling thousands of titanium nails to loyal customers across the US, we're stoked to announce we've taken the plunge and entered the quartz game.  After testing out many quartz nails and bangers from various manufacturers, we're confident you're going to love these new bangers made from high quality quartz at an affordable price.  Let's take a closer look:

4mm Thickness: Ever since quartz nails became a popular option a few years back, their main drawback was durability.  Who wants to drop money on something that could break any second if it's heated up too much?  Use whatever adjective you'd like to describe how thick our bangers are: atomic, mega, ultra, etc.  To be exact ours are 4mm thick....the thickest club bangers out there.  Why do you want 'em thick?  The added beefiness improves durability and decreases the chances of your nail breaking over time.  Also, it'll retain heat longer which means you'll have more time to dab essential oil before having to reach for the torch again.
Big Cup + Airflow:  A big reason why the Silika Sidearm has been one of the highest rated domeless titanium nails for over a year strong, is because of it's cup which is essentially the same as a club banger.  There's a ton of space inside the banger's cup to slab (or even dunk) large amounts of essential oil at once.  The airflow on our bangers aren't restrictive which ensures you'll maintain good function and flow through your rig.
Taste: This is purely opinionated, but some people prefer the taste of concentrated essential oil when dabbed off of quartz nail vs. a titanium nail.  Have you tried them both?  Which do you like more?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.  We'd love to hear your feedback.
Affordability: In any industry, when something is hot, new, and in demand, price's are usually jacked up.  That's the case with quartz bangers.  We've seen similar bangers in head shops for $75 of more.  That's crazy to us.  You can cop one plus a matching quartz carb cap for less.  We've also seen some really thin ones that are fetching similar prices to ours.  At $39.99 w/ free first class shipping, you can't go wrong.

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Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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