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The Best Temps to Set Your E-Nail

by Titanium Mike September 01, 2015

As one of the first online retailers to start selling a variety of E-Nails, we've received a bunch of Emails from our customers asking what is the best temperature to dab your essential oils at.  Quick Answer: There is no temperature that works perfectly for everything.  There's a lot of factors that come into play when picking a temp for your E-Nail.  Here's some questions to ask yourself:

  • What type of insert you're using? -  Titanium, Ceramic, or Quartz.
  • Consistency of essential oil? - Waxy, crumbly, oily, soild, etc.
  • How much essential oil are you're using per hit?
  • How large is your rig?
  • Are you using a carb cap?

All of the answers will directly impact the temperature you should set your Enail at.  The biggest impact on temperature setting is the use of a carb cap.  Carb caps will all you to effectively vaporize your essential oil concentrates at a lower temp that will create for a less harsh/tastier hit.  Without one, you'll need to keep your E-Nail at a higher temp in order to vaporize all of your material.

Gotchya, what temp should I keep it at?

Personally, I use a carb cap and I like to heat my titanium insert at the lowest temperature as possible while still being able vaporize the entire hit without leaving any residue left behind that'll be wasted by disapating into the air.  My favorite temp that works for me: 660 degrees farinheit.  If you feel like you can go a little lower in temp, go for it.  If the essential oil is pooling in the bottom of your cup and not vaporizing, then that means you should turn up your temperature.  How high?  The highest temp that we've seen that people still use/like is 710.  Is it because the number 710 is considered to be the new 420?  Maybe.  But there's definitely a good amount of people who swear by 710 on their E-Nail and not because it's 0IL.


See what works best for you that suits your setup and preferences. Start at a temp aroudn 660 and either increase or decrease the temperature to get closer to the "sweet spot" that provides great flavor while still effectively vaporizing your essential oils without leaving anything left behind.

Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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August 26, 2016

hey just wanted to post in case anyone didnt realize but 710 is OIL upside-down, hence its usage with dabbing now

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