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Pulse Glass Fab Munny: The latest limited edition rig from Pulse Glass

by Titanium Mike October 02, 2015

Meet Pulse Glass' Latest Creation: The Fab Munny:

Pulse Glass Fab Munny Faberge Egg for Sale Red Elvis

Fresh out for Fall 2015, the Fab Munny is a rig that has a monkey inspired design.  It's one the first rig by Pulse Glass that steps outside of their usual scientific rigs.  Like some of P.G.'s higher end pieces, the Fab Munny is limited to just 100 pieces. If you're a glass collector or just a big Pulse Glass fan, this is a rig you're going to want to have in your collection.

We were originally teased with the Fab Munny a few months back on Pulse Glass' instagram page.  Fast forward to now, we now have the Fab Munny in stock (currently in Red Elvis).  Even though it sounds very cliche, but you really need to see the Fab Munny in person to truly appreciate the craftsmanship of this piece.

Fab Munny Pulse Glass For Sale

From top to bottom, this truly an exceptional piece.  A lot of heady or animal inspired pieces may look good, but sometimes the waterflow is just ehhhhh.  That's not the case with the Fab Munny.  We especially love the way the shower head perc works in combination with the fabrege egg layout. 

The flow on this piece is very unique and extremely memorable.  At a compact 6" in height, the rig does a great job of diffusing air flow while still preventing any potential splashback when ripped hard.  This lil' guy will maximize the flavor of your essential oils.

As a 420Titanium special, we're going to pair up the Fab Munny with one of our popular 4mm thick bangers as well as our favorite dabber of all time, the Santa Cruz Shredder Magic Cookie Cutter Dabber.

- Click Here for More Pics, Pricing, and Availability of the Fab Munny - 

Here's a little video we had some fun with.  Give it a watch:

Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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