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BOSS Titanium Micro E-Nail: The most impressive E-nail ever created?

by Titanium Mike October 02, 2015

2015 has been a great year for BOSS Titanium.  Their domeless titanium nail launched back in January became one of our favorite nails and made our list of top domeless titanium nails of 2015.  Then they came out with an affordable yet high quality Silver E-Nail which quickly became the most popular E-Nail on our site.   Now, for Fall 2015 they just released a new product called the BOSS Micro E-Nail. 

BOSS Micro E-Nail Review

Initial Impressions:

When we opened up the Micro E-Nail for the first time, we were shocked by how thin it is.  It's less than 1 inch thick!  This is the perfect sized E-Nail for taking it on the go to your hommies house.  We also love the color scheme and looks of the Micro. The champagne trim with brushed black aluminum top is dope. It's a very sleek looking device that I would proudly keep on my table even when it's not in use.  


E-Nails are a pretty simple device and you only need them to perform just a few tasks (but of course, preform them well).  The Micro excels at everything you need an E-Nail to do and doesn't have any unnecessary features you don't need that would jack the price up.  The Micro heats up really fast and holds stable temps for hours at a time.  We believe it performs just as good as other name brand E-Nails on the market that cost 3x-4x more money.  Damn.


The BOSS Titanium Micro is an exceptional E-Nail for the price.  If you're looking to ditch the torch and enter the enail game, this is a truly fantastic choice.  It's crazy to think this way, but if you put the Micro next to some of the E-Nails that came out a couple years ago costing over $1k, most people would say the Micro is the better product.

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BOSS Micro E-Nail


Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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