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Pulse Glass has a new Hand Pipe - and It's Awesome.

by Titanium Mike January 02, 2016

Pulse Glass Hand Pipe

Since their start in 2012, Pulse Glass has won numerous awards for their high-end scientific waterpipes.  To end 2015 on a good note, Pulse Glass just released their first ever dry hand pipe.  Here's what we think:

This new hammer hand pipe from the P.G. family is a really unique bowl that fits comfortably in hand.  It's thick and has a "ribbed" look to the outside, but it's actually completely smooth to the touch and features their new golden drip logo in real Platinum.  Just look at the stance of it:

Pulse Glass Hand Bowl Pipe

Another great thing about it is that there's about 6 holes in the bottom of the bowl which drastically reduces the amount of times it'll get clogged. This definitely comes in clutch:

Bowl Pipe Clear Pulse

Bottom Line:  I've personally and I bet a lot of others too, wanted to see Pulse Glass come out with a hand pipe. Now that they've just come out with one, does it live up to expectations?  In my opinion, yes.  It's an awesome little piece that rips and looks sick.  Considering Pulse has some glass that fetches $700+, this hand pipe for just $49.95 w/ free shipping is a pretty damn good deal.  Click here to purchase the Pulse Glass Hand Pipe.

Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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