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Quartz + Titanium Hybrid Nails: Get the Best of Both Worlds.

by Titanium Mike January 25, 2016

Since we started selling nails back in 2013, we've seen a lot of changes and innovation within the 710 nail industry. Since the start, quartz and titanium nails seem to be the two most popular choices among enthusiasts. Both compositions have their pros and cons, but what we haven't seen until now is a hybrid nail that features the best of what titanium and quartz has to offer in one domeless style nail.  Meet the new Elite-Ti Quartz TiBrid Series.

Titanium Quartz Hybrid Nail Highly Educated Elite-Ti

The Elite-Ti Quartz TiBrid Domeless Nail gets a huge thumbs up from us because of many reasons.  By combining quartz and titanium into one nail, you're going to get the taste from quartz but with the durability of titanium.  This is huge.

Elite-Ti has managed to come out with a nail that easily can compete with nails that are 3x times its price for just $34.95.  We also love how the quartz dish can be removed from the titanium skirt for easy cleaning and inexpensive replacement down the road.  Another solid feature we love about this nail is that you can attach a flat coil under the dish so that it can be used as an insert for an E-Nail.

Other than it's awesome dual combo of titanium and high quality quartz, this nail excels in every other aspect when looking for a dope new nail: 

  • Traditional "king moat" style
  • Easy pairing with a carb cap.
  • Dual Joint Size Fitting (14mm and 18mm)
  • Grade 2 Titanium

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Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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