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Silika Titanium Nail Review

by Titanium Mike July 21, 2013



Silika is based out of California and they’re known for their high end glass waterpipes and concentrate rigs. Their new line of titanium nails are easily some of the most aesthetic looking Ti in the entire industry.


(From Left to Right: 14mm Female, 18mm Female, Rook, 18mm Male, 14mm Male)


The first thing that stands out about Silika nails are their finish. It has a shinier finish than all the other nails out there. The Silika logo is stamped on both the dish and bottom so this nail doesn’t look like some cheap generic chinese Ti. Silika nails are the perfect nail to really take your rig to the next level.  Functionality wise, these nails are right up there with Highly Educated titanium, who are currently the biggest name in Titanium Nails. They’re all 2 piece nails made from stage 2 Titanium. Yes, you can find some cheaper nails out there, but these nails are high quality and built to last.

Here's a couple pics of the 14mm and 18mm vs the Highly Educated DUALITi Nail:


The Highly Educated "DUALITi" nail is easily one of the most popular domeless Titanium Nails right now.  The "DUALITi" and Silika nails are very similar in construction and appearance.  We gotta give the edge to the "DUALITi" in terms of versatility since it fits both 14mm and 18mm joints.  The Silika nails strictly fit either 14mm or 18mm joints.  But that really only matters if you use multiple rig setups where you swap between 14 and 18mm.  We like the 2 piece design of the Silika nails, the groves are smooth and screw off and on with ease.  Granted the "DUALITi"  is cheaper than the Silika nails, but in terms of appearance, we gotta give the edge to Silika.  


Here's pics of Silika's "Rook" and the Highly Educated "INFINTi" universal domeless titanium nails:


These nails shown above are two of the best universal domeless nails money can by.  Extremely versatille since they fit 14/18mm male AND female joints.  The difference between the two is that the “Rook” is a only 2 pieces vs. the “INFINITi’s” 5 piece set up. The "Rook" is easier to use and quicker to change between male and female joints since it's just one piece. Also, the Rook is about $20 bucks cheaper (from which gives the INFINITi a run for its money.


All in all, you can't go wrong wit any of the high quality Ti that Silika puts out. Silika nails are available for sale on our website.

Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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