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Highly Educated INFINITi Titanium Nail – Don’t Fall for Cheap Imitations!

by Titanium Mike August 20, 2013

        Highly Educated manufactures some of the best titanium nails in the world.  One of their most popular nails, the INFINITi, is a universal (fits both 14mm/18mm male AND female joints) domeless ti nail made from high quality titanium which features a unique five piece design.  Simply put, this is one badass nail that will last you a very long time.



        However recently, there has been an influx of mystery domeless nails on the web that look exactly like the “INFINITi” without the logo and Highly Educated lettering:



        So what’s the big deal…. why is it bad that a company can replicate a popular product and sell it at a fraction of the cost of the real deal?  Well, it’s much worse than what it seems on paper.  First off, some Ebay listings featuring the knockoff nail even has the word “Infiniti” in the title.  That’s not cool to Highly Educated or any potential customers wanting an authentic “INFINITi”.  Secondly, Highly Educated is based out of Utah, the knockoffs are imported from China.  Imports are cheaply made and sometimes not even made from titanium.  Here's a picture of a no-name nail from the forums.



        The Wholesalers of Highly Educated nails are well aware of these clones.  They told me how they’ve had two clients complain to them in just the past three days that their nails don’t fit 14mm male joints.  Turns out that the nails their customers were talking about are the “INFINITi” knockoffs.  Apparently, they don’t even fit 18mm well either.  What good is a having a nail if it doesn’t fit your rig?  The construction of these nails are not even remotely in the same ball park in terms of quality compared the Highly Educated’s nail.  You have to wonder about the quality of titanium (who knows if it really is titanium and not stainless steel?) used during the manufacturing process if these nails are Ebay for as low as $39.99 w/ free shipping (The “INFINITi” has an MSRP of $150.00).  If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.  That’s the case with these knockoffs.  To get an authentic Highly Educated nail, you don't have to fork over a lot of cash to get one.  You can buy their "DUALITi" nail for just $65.00.

        I want to emphasize that I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy these nails, but I want to aware potential customers that these are not legitimate American made titanium nails by Highly Educated.  When knockoff nails like these pop up, it really hurts everyone involved in this industry.   At the end of the day, you’re not paying for “the name” when buying Highly Educated ti, you’re paying for the high quality American titanium used in production.


You can purchase a true "INFINITi" through our website.


Happy Dabbin’,




Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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