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Highly Educated - Flux - Dome Titanium Nail Review

by Titanium Mike September 02, 2013

        The "Flux" titanium nail is the least expensive nail currently manufactured by Highly Educated.  But does it live up the name that's often regarded as one of the most popular titanium nail manufacturers in the world?  Simply put: Hell yeah the Flux does! Available in three sizes, 10mm 14mm, and 18mm, with a very reasonable MSRP of $38.00, $42.00, and $52.00 respectively.  They feature a one piece non-adjustable design that may not have all the bells and whistles as some other dome nails, but don't let that discourage you.  It's still a helluva piece of Ti.  At these prices, there really is no reason to not get your hands on some quality U.S.A. made name brand Ti. Let's take a look at the Flux lineup:
Highly Educated Flux 10mm 14mm 18mm Titanium Nail
        A lot of dome titanium nails have similar designs to one another, but the Flux stands out from the pack with its unique design and airflow system.  I wouldn't be surprised if we see other Ti companies following Highly Educated's lead by making their own Flux inspired nail in the near future.  Right off the bat, the thing that stands out to me about the Flux is the depth of it's head.  All three sizes feature a DEEP cup that is rivaled by no other dome nail on the market today.  If you're into "dunking" this is a prime nail to use.  C'mon, just look at this!
Highly Educated Flux 10mm 14mm 18mm Titanium Nail
        Okay, so why is the Flux nail so different from all the other dome nails?  It's all about the unconventional yet highly effective airflow system.  The thing you'll notice about each size of the Flux's is that they all have different diffuser patterns.  This proves Highly Educated did their homework (as always) during the design phase of each nail in order to ensure efficient airflow in relation to the nail's size.  The Flux has a finless design and instead of having vapor go around your fins like a traditional dome nail, the vapor actually gets sucked through the diffuser and goes down through the hollow shaft then enters your rig.  This creates for fantastic airflow and you'll never have to worry about fins getting "gunked" up.
Highly Educated Flux 18mm Titanium Nail
        If you're looking for a great dome nail without breaking the bank, the Flux is a great option.  It's a solid introductory nail if you're a newbie, or even an excellent spare nail if you're an avid user. The Flux is a great way to experience high quality, long lasting American made Ti manufactured by one of the top names in the titanium nail industry.



        If you want to buy or see more pictures of the Flux, click *HERE*



Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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