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Highly Educated Carb Cap: What You Need To Know

by Titanium Mike September 15, 2013

Highly Educated, the innovators of the titanium nail industry, is back at it again with the new Carb Cap accessory for the Dualiti and Enail.



        The Carb Cap comes with a titanium cap and a titanium rod (The same rod used in the V3) that acts as a handle when screwed into the cap.  The cap has three machined carb holes which ensures proper air flow. 



        So what exactly does the Carb Cap do, and why should you want it?  It allows you to remove excess residue buildup on the cup of your nail.  It also gives you the ability to vaporize more effectively when the nail is at a lower temp.  It's a pretty cool accessory and Highly Educated wouldn't make one if they didn't think it was necessary. This is a brand new product and not too much info is out there about it, but we hope to have more details about it within the next few weeks.  If you have a Carb Cap please let us know you're thoughts on it. 

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Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


2 Responses


December 09, 2013

Picked up one of these babies last week. Upon getting it, im not gonna lie, i thought it was a little gimmicky. At first i had problems with the heating portion of the process. Everytime i went to dab it up i noticed my eerl was gone before i could get that cap on there. After a couple dabs you start to get a feel for how little heat your nail actually needs to retain to evaporate your oil. It was as if i were heating my nail 1/10 of the amount i used to when dabbing without the cap. The application of the oil to the nail at this temp just makes the oil sit in the moat of the nail without evaporating instantly. When you finally throw that cap on there you notice the vapor go from thin stream to yellow wall in the tube. My theory is because the pressure of the airflow caused by the holes in the top of the cap spreads the oil over a larger surface area of the heating element which not only insulates the vapor for evaporation at a lower temp, but intensely enhances the flavor of the oils. You no longer get that, “holy turd i just overcooked my dab”, kinda taste anymore. This little cap i figured that id get too lazy with and toss aside has revolutionized my dabbing seshes. Although this new cap is amazing i wouldnt recomend it for any first time dabbing pattiewons. It will take some patience, but when you finally get it right, you’ll just know. I use it with my HE infiniTi nail perched atop a hitman sundae cup.


September 21, 2013

Saaaaweeeeeettt!!!!! Awesome this cap acc looks dabbin fantastic!!! I can see it holding the vap for a longer, smoother hit that should fade off nice in time. Also giving you an extra rod for ur v3 ::) which i can proudly say is my very first ti! that will come very useful. I think this is a great idea!! Maybe add a handle to the Infinite would give it alittle more character, dunno just an idea that just poped up like a bubble on a oil slick :p Keep up good work u guys!!! Ur still #1!!!!! K-Fed

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