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OMNI Q Fully Quartz Nail Review: Best New Nail on the Market?

by Titanium Mike September 02, 2016

Santa Cruz Shredder OMNI Q Nail Review

It's been a long journey leading up to Santa Cruz Shredder releasing their first fully quartz OMNI Nail.  S.C.S. got into the nail game a few years back when they released their first OMNI nail that instantly became a hit with 710 enthusiasts.  After launching many different titanium and hybrid nails, S.C.S has just launched their first fully quartz nail: The OMNI Q.

Right off the bat, this nail is stunning aesthetically and a refreshing change of pace from your typical quartz banger design. It fits 14mm and 18mm female joints and features a fully polished joint. Normally, I prefer the looks of a sanded joint, but the OMNI Q is the first nail I've seen that I like the looks of a fully polished joint.

As expected, the OMNI Q features the same cup design as their other nails, but it comes in an XL size.  It's a very beefy nail that holds heat exceptionally well.

This is a brand new nail from S.C.S. so we're still waiting to hear back from our customers about it. However, our early impressions are very high.  It appears to be as durable as some of the thickest bangers out there.  Yes, it's the most expensive nail we sell (and may very well be the most expensive quartz nail in the world) but top-of-the-line quality warrants a hefty price tag too.  Thus far, we're going to chalk up a big thumbs up to anyone who is willing to shell out a few extra bones for one of the most impressive and anticipated nails of 2016.

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Titanium Mike
Titanium Mike


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